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Liberation Of L.B. Jones - Lee J Cobb Lee Majors Blaxploitation Action movie DVD

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After a white sheriff has an affair with a married black woman; the woman's husband seeks a divorce. But; not wanting his inter-racial secret to get out; the sheriff and his officers take the matter of silencing her husband into their own hands. Overview: A treacherous tale of betrayal and revenge in the deep south! L.B. Jones is a black man seeking legal representation to divorce his wife after learning that she is pregnant with the local (white) sheriff's baby. But the sheriff doesn't want news of his scandalous inter-racial affair to get out; so he and his fellow officers take the matter of silencing L.B. Jones into their own hands.Starring: Lee J. Cobb, Anthony Zerbe, Roscoe Lee Browne, Lola Falana, Lee Majors, Barbara Hershey, Yaphet Kotto. Blaxploitation. 106 min. English.