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Wing Chun Combat Chi Sao #2 Close Quarters Fighting DVD Alan Lamb

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Combat Chi Sao Part 2.  
Master Alan Lamb reveals the structure and purpose of Chi Sao, and how the drill is performed. Learn how ot develop sensitivity and instantaneous response. Regardless of your background or level of training, this famous drill will make you a more effective fighter!  2001. 55 minutes.

Wing Chun is one of the world's most popular kung-fu systems, due largely to its effectiveness. Originally founded by a woman; this style was designed to overcome a larger, stronger opponent. Hong Kong trained Wing Chun Master Alan Lamb brings to the public his system of Combat Wing Chun, with its emphasis on  street survival.

Most manufacturers of specialty titles now duplicate (instead of replicate) with technology which may make it appear to be a copy.  In addition, the color covers are usually ink jet printed (i.e. Print on Demand titles).  This may make the DVD appear to be 'counterfeit' or 'homemade'.  However, this is NOT the case.  All of our DVDs come directly from the manufacturer and are 100% guaranteed!

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