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Enduro - Burgundy Suede - MTB

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The Enduro is designed to be simple. Simplicity means fewer panels, which means fewer points of failure. It is our endurance shoe, built to last for countless rides, and keep your feet clean and protected for seasons, not a season. It features our environmentally friendly water-resistant treatment, plus a tongue designed to keep water, mud, and debris at bay.

Topped with a lace saver, you get added protection from impacts, water, dirt, and debris. The instep and outstep have built-in impact protection, along with our enhanced MTB Toe and Heel Protection. Our toe protection extends OVER your toes, actively protecting them from rocks and roots - not just stubbing your toe. Our Pro Insoles are underneath your foot, made to cushion big hits and dampen that all-day vibration. 

Our custom-designed mid-shank offers a blend of walkability and power transfer. Our stronger center rib resists cracking in a common area, adding that stiffness to put the power down. Our mid-shank and cleat nut, crafted in-house, are optimally aligned with our Enduro's build. Our herringbone outsole provides extra traction when used in combination with platform-style, single-sided pedal systems, allowing you to use your clipless shoes while retaining the feel of riding flats.

The Enduro has a similar cut to our signature shoe, the Sound. The cut is not quite LoPro and not quite MID. It strikes a balance of ankle protection and freedom of movement. This allows quick movements to disengage your cleats from your pedals, and climb up & over things on a hike a bike with greater ease.