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Mad Monster Face Outdoor House Decor

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Face Your Fears

My dearest Margaret,

I have achieved something monstrous. Monstrous...and beautiful. My partners at Hauntlook sought to resurrect the dead, but we never suspected it would only resurrect the face. Or that the face would be so big. And so scary! As soon as I taped the 11 pieces of the faces above the front door of Blackthorn Estates, it chomped down and killed Mr. Underwood! Twas horrifying. But interesting! We left it up through the Hallowe'en season and it devoured several others. Naturally, we won the neighborhood decoration contest. Many costumed children arrived on the doorstep to "trick or treat." Well, we "tricked" them into being eaten by the giant monster face. Dr. Crump had a good laugh about that one!


Miss Margaret, I regret to inform you that your beloved Dr. Westgrove was just devoured by the 11 piece monster face of which he had just been writing. Tis a shame.

Best regards,

Dr. Plymouth T. Blinkwater